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Front Of House With two Dormers Added
This Home is No Longer "Small"
The addition of two bedrooms and a bath was a category changer.
Before: No (this is not the back of the house)
 The Chimney was not needed any more as the furnace was being vented out the side. That space was used for additional closet space downstairs and was happily not there to ruin the large bathroom upstairs.

Front of House Before

Before:This is the old rear of the house
When you look at this you can see why they wanted more space and they didn't even have kids yet. Some of the are additions look like someone cut part of a completely different house off and nailed it on (it almost seems possible in a few cases). 3D design is most helpful in interior and styled right design.
 The 3D virtual reality generating software we use offers a tremendous advantage over standard high end architecture software
Its quick and is made just for this type of remodeling. It generates quick VR models and once the cleint likes it we can take the 3D model one step further and make prints
This is the new rear
of the house.
Matching integration of an addition is what we strive for. The home owners actually gave us two addresses nearby to look at for what designs NOT to propose to them. This area is popular to young couples and idea for kids, but a few of these post war sized homes have had some unplanned as well as poorly planned additions.
As You Can See Our Design Software has Some Tremendous Advantages
Our software has a "Glass House" view which allows one to view the walls and fixtures below as well as allow a spin around from any point in any room. The advantages of this are obvious and many. We can also put surfaces on things as you would see them for color and style selection.
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