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The Home Improvement Shop, Inc. is a Window Dealer for Several Brands! 
Wood or Vinyl, Insert of Full Frame, We are Unsurpassed In our Window Experience!
Over the years the company we came from (Window Lite) and ourselves have installed and still offer warranty assistance and at cost repairs for approximately 65,000 windows. Although window lite sold mainly Great Lakes Windows brands, and that is still the largest proportion of windows we sell, we find that there are other good window brands which have different and sometimes unique options that would better suit some of our customers needs and desires.
Because most of our installers have 10 to 35 years or more experience, and have installed and or serviced all of the brands we list above and more, we are happy to show the brands above as if they do not appeal by feature and long warranty, one or two would appeal by initial cost for that type of window and that is why we offer those window brands as an option as initial cost is sometimes an important factor.
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